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Youth Training

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Applegarth, Sarah
Training A Pro During a Pandemic
Using an Integrated Team Approach to Help Clients Reach Their Potential
Using Athletics and Strength and Conditioning Programs to Keep Kids Active
CSCA Candid Conversations featuring Sarah Applegarth
Arnini, Teresa
Insights into S&C in the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association
Bahrami, Ben
From Ontario to BC: Experiences Guided by My Mentors Made Me a Better Coach
Balan, Adam
Alternative Pathways to the Strength and Conditioning World
Bendus, Vicki
Rising Stars from Brock University
Basic Training Tech for Athletes
Bott, Carmen
Advisory Team Spotlight
Bucciarelli, Richard
Undertraining: A Likely Cause for the Rise in Youth Sport Injuries
Campanaro, Marcello
CSCA Candid Conversations: Creating a High School S&C Program with Marcello Campanaro
Chapman, Chris
Olympian Bill Crothers’ Connection
The Power of Mentorship: An S&C Family Tree Perspective
Chrzaszcz, Rob
Insights into S&C in the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association
Clark, Andrew
Leaving a Legacy at UBC
CSCA Director Spotlight: Richmond Oval’s Andrew Clark
Cochran, Andrew
Youth Resistance Training: Facts and Fictions (Review Article)
Programming Considerations for Return to Play Post COVID-19
Cottrell, Trevor
Meet Your 2021 Directors – Trevor Cottrell, PhD, CSCS
A Brief Review of the Safety and Efficacy of Olympic Weightlifting and Plyometric Training
Making a Difference at Sheridan College
Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI)
Part 2 – Return to Training Guidelines for Collegiate Athletes Following the COVID-19 Shut Down
What Are The Limitations of Youth Resistance Training?
Coulson, Alanna
Facilitating Behaviour Change in an Athlete-Centered Coaching Environment
Crouse, Josh
Three Eastern Stars in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia
St. Francis Xavier University’s Head S&C Coach
MISSION 202One – Adapting to a New Environment: My Experience With the Olympic Bronze Medal Canadian Women’s Softball Team
Day, Brent
Langara College: The Perfect Starting Point For Your Kinesiology Journey
Using Countermovement Jump to Assess Daily Variations of an Athlete
Delorme, Alain
COVID-19 Post Infection Return to Play Protocols (Quebec)
Dolcetti, Joe
Understanding Movement Characters. Part 1: The Thinker, the Hustler, the Natural
Understanding Movement Characters Part 2: Identifying the Thinker, the Hustler, the Natural
Eyles-Frayne, Sam
Meet Your 2021 Directors – Sam Eyles-Frayne, R.Kin, MSc, CSCS*D
The Challenges Have Made Me a Better Coach
Part 2 – Return to Training Guidelines for Collegiate Athletes Following the COVID-19 Shut Down
Fitzgerald, Mark
Key to Success – Be Humble
Foley, Jordan
My Three Cs Approach to High School Strength and Conditioning
Working in the CFL
Forsyth, Shauna
Meet Your 2021 Directors – Shauna Forsyth, MS, CSCS, PN1
Nova Scotia’s Shauna Forsyth
Gamble, Paul
Using Basic Physics to Overcome Equipment and Space Restrictions
Gilroy, Warren
Saskatchewan’s Warren Gilroy
Grant, Reg
Networking is a Lifelong Journey of Curiosity
Hergott, Cole
Why Isolate When You Can Integrate? – A look at Strength & Conditioning in the Canadian University Setting
Hirsch, Steven
Adopting a Constraints-Led Approach for Strength and Conditioning: Applications to Teaching the Olympic Lifts
Using Tech in the Gym: A Motor Learning-Based Perspective for Guiding Instructions and Feedback with Motion Data
Inman, Wyatt
Making a Difference in Prince Edward Island: Wyatt Inman
Iwasa-Madge, Kevin
Development and Pilot-Testing of a Smartabase-Delivered Food Frequency Monitoring Tool
Jensen, Karsten
From Denmark to Canada – Challenges and Successes
How I Approach Kinesthetically-based Corrections with Online Coaching
Jordan, Matt
Dr. Matt Jordan Interview: Jump Assessments – Measurements, Decision Making, Return to Play
Juneau, Chris
Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI)
Kennedy, Cory
Transitioning from Amateur to Professional Sport
Kinch, George
Does This School Have the Strongest Students in Canada? An interview with George Kinch
Lablans, Dale
Working with Special Forces
Lidstone, Steve
Advisory Team Spotlight
Current State of S&C at the University & Collegiate Level in Canada
Lightowler, Adrian
University of Toronto’s Adrian Lightowler
Livingston, Scott
The Experience of Professional Sport
Lum, Danny
CSCA Interview: Effects of Isometric Strength Training on Strength and Dynamic Performance
MacDonald, Ryan
The 2020 Roller Coaster in Beach Volleyball
MacWilliams, Owen
Coaching Multi-sport Youth Athletes: Considerations for Sport Coaches and Teachers from an S&C Coach Perspective. Owen MacWilliams
Melhado, Jason
Insights into S&C in the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association
McCullum, Joe
Leaving a Legacy at UBC
McDowell, Dave
Rising Stars from Brock University
McGill, Stuart
CSCA Interview with Stuart McGill
McGrath, Gary
Explosive Isometrics for Sports Performance: Going Nowhere… Fast!
McNeely, Ed
Selecting Appropriate Training Load
Original Research: Rowing Specific Isometric Assessment
Over 30 Years and Still Coaching: Part 1
The Changing Role of S&C: Planning the Time Outside the Gym
Morrison, Ken
Three Eastern Stars in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia
Noel, Erika
The Effect of Observing a Fatigue Protocol on Subsequent Endurance Performance in a Recreationally Active Female Population
Pain, Tom
Strength Training in the High School Setting: How to Make Strength and Conditioning a Priority in Your School.
Persad, Sheldon
Meet Your 2021 Directors – Sheldon Persad, MSc, CSCS, CPTN-CPT.M, SWC
Olympian Bill Crothers’ Connection
Over 30 Years and Still Coaching: Part 2
Remote Coaching Part 1: What to Use to Connect with Athletes?
Part 1 – Return to High Performance Sport: Progress and Suggestions in the Midst of COVID-19
Piwowar-Desilets, Cody
Rising S&C Star in BC: Cody Piwowar-Desilets
Poli, Jon
Head of Physical Preparation on Working with the Vancouver Whitecaps
Price, Matt
From Calgary to Toronto to LA
Renzetti, Peter
You Can’t Fake Strong!
Richard, Erik
A Rising Star in Nova Scotia: Erik Richard
Needs of the Many vs the Needs of the Few: Practical Considerations for Large Scale Programming
Richardson, Elliott
Meet Your 2021 Directors – Elliott Richardson, MSc, CSCS
Three Eastern Stars in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia
CSCA Director Spotlight: Acadia University’s Elliott Richardson
Robbins, Carla
Using the 20m Shuttle Run to Test Fitness
Robertson, Kris
From American Football to Rugby: A Practitioner’s Journey
Rowan-Legg, Ian
From Coaching to Combine – A Virtual Combine Training Experience
Slaunwhite, Craig
Working in the NBA and NHL: Dr. Craig Slaunwhite
Steeves, Darren
Nova Scotia’s Shauna Forsyth
Three Eastern Stars in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia
Swan, Becky
Tactical Strength and Conditioning and Law Enforcement Health and Wellness. S&C Coach Profile: Becky Swan
Sylvester, Richard
Bringing the Program to Life
Szpak, Patrick
NFL to NLB to Special Forces
Vass, Scott
Scott Vass’ Work at Vancouver College in British Columbia
Vecchione, Joe
S&C in a Professional Soccer Academy
Virgo, Derek
Olympian Bill Crothers’ Connection
Willgress, Scott
Starting From a Clean Slate with a Decentralized Team Sport Program

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