Team China is Seeking Experienced Performance Coaches to Work with National Teams in China

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Notice from Canadian Daniel Crumback

This is a one of a kind opportunity to work with Chinese national athletes preparing for the upcoming summer and winter Olympics. Contracts will be directly with the Chinese Olympic Committee (COC) with recruitment and hiring managed by Beijing Yanding (BY). Yanding has already successfully placed over 50 PTs and PCs with Chinese National Teams.

Performance Coaches (PC) will be responsible for the individual and team training programs for a national team including injury prediction and prevention, performance testing, load management, performance enhancement, and athlete/team wellness. The COC will match your experience and interests to the appropriate national sport. PCs will operate out of team Training Centres or any other location as directed by the requirements of the team. Domestic and international travel will be required. Must have a minimum of a MSc. degree (or equivalent) from a recognized institution AND a minimum of five years’ experience and significant experience working with high performance athletes or teams (e.g. Div1, national, international, professional or Olympic athletes) as a Lead PC. You will work with Team China athletes as part of a performance team which includes experienced Technical Coaches, Chinese trained doctors (acupuncture/massage), and physical therapists.

Please do NOT apply if you do not meet the minimum requirements. Specifically, we are looking for PCs with advanced training in movement assessment, strength and conditioning (e.g. ASCA – Level 2/3, Sports Power Coach (AWF), NSCA-CSCS, UKSCA – ASCC, CSEP-CEP, NCCP Level 1/2 in T&F, USAW etc.), current methods in performance training (e.g. velocity-based training, force plate assessment, GPS systems), and wellness monitoring (e.g. sleep, nutrition, recovery etc.). The COC does not support all Olympic sports in China (e.g. team or court team sports such as basketball, soccer, volleyball etc.) as these sports are coordinated by their federation. Please include these sports in your application as Beijing Yanding also works with several of these federations. The COC is prioritizing recruiting for PCs with experience in Winter Olympic sports as Team China prepares their winter teams for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

Successful candidates will be offered extendable one-year contracts. A performance review will be completed annually, and extensions may be offered at that time. The goal is to maintain PC staff with teams in order to prepare athletes for the upcoming Summer and Winter Olympics (2-4 years). The ability to read, write, and speak English is mandatory. COC is offering a salary range from 4,000-5,000USD/month (equivalent in RMB) per month (pre-tax) dependent upon experience and qualifications. COC benefits include economy return flight to China, health insurance plan, reimbursement for visa application costs upon arrival in China, 20 days of paid holidays per year, and no cost accommodations and food provided at the appropriate training site(s). Beijing Yanding is offering a minimum of 12 days of education per year through the Movement Academy. The COC offers no support to family travel or accommodations. To apply, please submit your resume and cover letter by 31 May, 2019 to and include “PC Application – Your Last Name” when emailing your CV and Cover Letter in the subject line of the email (e.g. TCP PC Application – Crumback) and please name your files with your last name and CV or Cover Letter (e.g. Crumback CV or Crumback Cover Letter). Ensure your CV clearly illustrates how you meet each of the above mentioned requirements including your work with elite high-performance athletes.

Daniel Crumback MSc.RS (candidate), BSc.PT, Dip Sport PT, CEP, CSCS, CAFCI Team China PT/PC Recruitment Director


Cover letter and CV should be provided in ONE file in that order.

Should include proof of meeting minimum requirements, description of relevant personal and professional attributes and experience specific to high performance sport, explanation of why you want to work in China, and any other relevant information (maximum of one page)


Please include the following in the order below:

1. Contact Information a. Full name b. Address c. Phone number d. Email address

2. Personal a. Gender b. Age c. Nationality

3. Education Background a. Degree program b. University c. Year of graduation

4. Performance specific professional mentorships, certifications or post grad education in historical order from present to past including year of completion

5. Employment History a. Relevant employment summary in historical order from present to past including months and years of employment b. Your role (e.g. Lead PC/ Assistant PC/Intern) c. Short description of your activities d. Sport DIRECTLY covered

6. Detailed Performance Experience a. Using your employment history, provide a detailed and high-performance specific review of your roles, responsibilities, and results BY SPORT b. Important athletes, events or results should be highlighted c. Advanced training in equipment or technology

7. Personal high-level athletic experience (if applicable)

8. Publications or Presentations

9. References

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