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The CSCA is an organization that elevates our profession.

We create and promote standards of practice for S&C coaches that can be utilized throughout their professional careers and guide the hiring practices of employers in the public and private sectors.

Membership with the CSCA means that you are committed to your own personal development as a Canadian strength coach and that you are committed to growing the profession in our country. The CSCA AGM takes place in November each year, and all members will be notified of the date and voting information.



Canadian Strength and Conditioning Association ACCREDITATION PROGRAM

CSCP Accreditation

The CSCP credential is allocated to an individual who has completed all academic and professional experience requirements set forth by the Canadian Strength and Conditioning Association. CSCP coaches have successfully demonstrated coaching and knowledge proficiency and are qualified to design and implement effective and safe strength and conditioning programs for athletes of all levels.

CSCA Professional Listing

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Mentorship Opportunities

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Industry Recognition

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Employment Opportunities

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