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Strength and Conditioning Specialist – CANSOFCOM

Who We Are CFMWS. A job with purpose. Our 4000+ person strong organization champions a healthy, fun, creative and active lifestyle for Canadian Armed Forces members, Veterans and their families. Help us deliver a variety of recreation and fitness programs, offer family support, organize charity events and make sure our members access retail, travel and banking discounts and customized financial services. At Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services (CFMWS), we love what we do. And we live it too. The Role Under the direction of the Manager, High Performance the Strength and Conditioning Specialist designs and delivers high quality, challenging, [...]

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Carleton University – Lead Strength and Conditioning

Position Title: Lead, Strength and Conditioning Coach Department: Recreation and Athletics About Carleton University Carleton University is situated on unceded Algonquin territory and bordered by the Rideau River and the Rideau Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage site, in Ottawa, Ontario. The university is just minutes from the heart of our nation's government and G-7 organizations and this capital advantage provides opportunities for staff and faculty and students to make a positive impact in our community and around the world. As one of the 2023 Top 100 Employers in Canada and one of the National Capital Region’s Top Employers for nine [...]

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Western University Manager – High Performance (Head Strength & Conditioning Coach)

Classification & Regular Hours Hours per Week: 35 Salary Grade: 16 Please note, this is a temporary full-time contract opportunity with an anticipated end date of September 14, 2026. About Western Since 1878, Western University has been committed to serving our communities through the pursuit of academic excellence and by providing students, faculty, and community members with life-long opportunities for intellectual, social, and cultural growth. We seek excellent students, faculty, and staff to join us in what has become known as the "Western Experience" - an opportunity to contribute to a better world through the development of new knowledge, new [...]

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Monitoring Academic Workload in USPORTS Athletes

As sport performance coaches, one of our goals is to train athletes to withstand the stresses of playing their sport. This includes the management of physical stresses between the weight room and practices to elicit better performance and mitigate injuries (1). Stress is any form of pressure or tension placed onto a system that elicits adaptations that are either positive or negative. The training process brings stress to the system with the goal of creating a positive change. However, the body interprets different stimuli, both cognitive and environmental, as forms of stress (1). Therefore, the cumulative stress of multiple factors [...]

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Establishing Sport Science Practices in a Competitive Swim Club

In the ever-evolving landscape of sports, data tracking has emerged as a powerful tool for optimizing performance. Collecting and analyzing relevant information on athletes is essential, but determining what to track amidst the vast array of available data is crucial in sports science. Technological advancements have provided coaches and sports scientists with tools to evaluate and disseminate data, enabling effective practice planning and driving improved performance outcomes for athletes. Coaches and sports scientists face the challenge of filtering through the noise to identify the most valuable and “useful” metrics. By focusing on key factors directly impacting athletic performance in their [...]

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An Interview with Track Coach Les Gramantik: Part 2

CSCA Advisorty Team Member Carla Robbins continues her interview with track coach Les Gramantik. If you missed Part 1, click HERE CR: What kinds of lifts did you do in middle and high school around the time when you were becoming a good sprinter? LG: Parallel squat, power clean, hang clean, snatch, bench press. Not much coordinative stuff? It was nothing too sophisticated. Just heavy loads. CR: How frequent was this lifting program? LG: Pretty much everyday. It wasn't as structured as other things, like our running programs. They were more written down and followed, but lifting was almost [...]

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IHPS Conference 2023

$50 off extended to CSCA Members (Discount code sent to memebers directly through FB and email) The best in hockey performance at a live and in-person event this summer at IHPS 2023! Opening the Summit on Friday night with one of the world's best performance coaches and researchers, Dr. Matt JordanStarting the first full day of presentations with an icon in hockey performance Matt Nichol doing a one-on-one Leave Your Mark style conversation with Scott LivingstonTwo-time Stanley Cup winner Ryan Van Asten goes deep on Energy System TrainingOne of Canada's best sports dieticians and consultant to the NBA Champion Golden [...]

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CSCA 2022 AGM President’s Summary

As we embark on the 2023 training year, I felt it was a good time to share a summary our 2022 AGM outcomes and the strategies for growth for this year.  AGM’s are rarely the highlight of a year, but they are an important milestone for the association as it provides an opportunity for all members to be involved in setting the direction for the next fiscal year. The major event of the AGM that establishes the year’s agenda is the election of the new Board. In this election cycle there were four positions available which were filled with energetic [...]

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CSCA Board of Directors 2023

Once again there is representation on the CSCA Board from members living coast to coast. Joe McCullumHead Strength and Conditioning Coach – UBC It is my goal to help promote the CSCA on the West Coast and help build membership within the community here. I hope to give back to the industry and encourage others to stay in the profession and build meaningful careers. Joe McCullum Cole Hergott Head Strength and Conditioning Coach – Trinity Western I want to help grow the S&C industry in Canada. I feel as though I have lots to offer, being from the West, being [...]

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Craig Walker – Legal Challenges in Sport This excerpt from the CSCA 2022 AGM is a talk provided by Craig Walker, President, Weightlifting Canada Halterophile. He presented on the significant legal challenges facing amateur sport organizations in Canada at our AGM. Litigation, mediation, and arbitration are now common, and it is costing amateur organizations in time, money, and volunteer resources. Craig discussed the evolution of litigation in sport and provided some insight into how these challenges will reshape organizations in the future.

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Resistance Training Can Improve Range of Motion

Authors: Shahab Alizadeh1, Abdolhamid Daneshjoo2, Ali Zahiri1, Saman Hadjizadeh Anvar1, Reza Goudini1, Jared P Hicks1, Andreas Konrad1,3,4, David George Behm1 Institutions: 1School of Human Kinetics and Recreation, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John’s Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada 2 Department of Sport Injuries, Physical Education and Sport Sciences Faculty, Shahid Bahonar University, Kerman, Iran. 3 Institute of Human Movement Science, Sport and Health, Graz University, Graz, Austria 4 Associate Professorship of Biomechanics in Sports, Technical University of Munich, Munich, Germany Stretching has been considered an essential component of warm-ups, fitness, and health [1]. However, over the last 25 years it has [...]

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A Collaborative Approach to Patient Care

Better outcomes, better interprofessional relationships, and better for business. For almost three decades I have been fortunate to work in a collaborative environment.  I began my career as a strength and conditioning specialist and found great joy in helping athletes; professional, amateur, and youth, achieve their dreams.  All too often their pathway to ultimate success was interrupted by injury.  Injury for most serious athletes is a part of the process, not an if, but more a when and how bad.  In my early days as an S&C coach I relied heavily on the expertise of the therapists working in our [...]

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Jon Reid – Programming Considerations for Amateur Hockey

Jon Reid is a former Junior and University Hockey player who went on to complete a Bachelor of Physical Education, along with a Master’s in the Science of Kinesiology at Memorial University of Newfoundland. As a former athlete, Jon has always been interested in strength and conditioning and overall athlete development. As Jon’s hockey career came to an end, it was rewarding to find a career path to help enhance the development of athletes. This brought Jon to his current position at APSolute Performance and Wellness, where he oversees the Strength and Conditioning department and delivers programming to both amateur [...]

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Meet Your BOD Nominees

We had eight nominees come forward to fill the seven BOD positions available. Elections will take place at the 2022 AGM on Sunday, November 20, at 6:30pm EST. Please see the nomination statements below: Joe McCullumHead Strength and Conditioning Coach – UBC It is my goal to help promote the CSCA on the West Coast and help build membership within the community here. I hope to give back to the industry and encourage others to stay in the profession and build meaningful careers. Cole Hergott Head Strength and Conditioning Coach – Trinity Western I want to help grow the S&C [...]

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CSCA Forum #3 – Branding and Marketing

The CSCA Forum #3 on branding and marketing video link is posted below. Featured topics covered included: the transition from the institutional to private sector, aligning personal and professional goals, and where exactly do you start with developing your own brand and business. Thanks to Jodi and Alena for sharing their professional insights into the complex but important process of promoting your business. Featured Quotes and Teasers: Core values are the foundation of your business – Alena Think about who your person (client) is and where they are spending their time (How to find and recruit clients) – Alena Staying true [...]

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Becoming a Successful Intern

Internships provide guided opportunities to develop coaching skills and are the most common pathway to becoming a strength and conditioning coach. Internships play a pivotal role in coach development and are a way to open doors to the industry. Within internships, an important indicator of subsequent success is the ability to thrive and internalize lessons along the way, which will build essential skills while building your network and learning from others. As a coach currently in my third round of being an intern across three different settings, I have gathered a broad array of experiences, learned from a diverse set [...]

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A Model of How To Begin Your Career as a Capable and Impactful Strength and Conditioning Coach

Starting any new position is never easy. The feelings of uncertainty, incapability and ineffectiveness flood our bodies. The first few weeks or months of any position (whether paid or unpaid) are challenging and can be exacerbated in an elite sport or competitive environment.  The process of being an impactful and capable strength and conditioning coach should be one that is empowering, inspiring and grounded in a mindset of growth. For new people in the field, it can be intimidating and overwhelming which may and potentially cause good people to leave the field. My primary hope with this article is to [...]

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“You’re the boss. Do it!” Coaching Wisdom from Olaf and an Olympic Journey

For six years I trained and competed as a member of the Canadian bobsleigh program. In 2016 I suffered an Achilles tear that nearly ended my career. During the summer of 2017 I made a bold move. I decided to fly to Germany with my friend and teammate Alex Kopacz to train with his coach Olaf Hampel, former German bobsleigh brakeman and 2x Olympic gold medalist. I didn’t know what to expect at the time, but I was about to begin a life changing and transformational adventure that would take me to the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang seven months [...]

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To Specialize or Generalize as a Strength and Conditioning Coach?

Introduction The role of the strength and conditioning coach in Canada continues to evolve as there are more and more opportunities for coaches outside of the weight room. In the early days of strength and conditioning in Canada the strength and conditioning coach would be expected to provide services in sport science, strength training, conditioning, nutrition, therapies, and mental performance to name a few. However, with the emergence of more sport science disciplines (largely driven by academia and bigger sport budgets), the role of the strength and conditioning coach became confined to the weight room as practitioners further specialized in [...]

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