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COVID-19 Post Infection Return to Play Protocols (Quebec)

Canada just passed the one year anniversary of the first identified COVID-19 case in our country. While we are still learning what the after effects are, we trust the information below will be helpful when assisting the athletes you work with in their return to play planning post COVID-19 infection. We are very fortunate that Alain Delorme, Préparateur Physique en Chef, from the Institut National du Sport du Quebec, has agreed to share the return to play protocols post COVID-19 infection, that he and his team have created, with the CSCA. Documents below are presented in French first followed by [...]

January 28, 2021|Categories: COVID-19 Resources|

CSCA Interviews: Modifications Made During COVID

Here are thoughts from four (4) people and the things they have done, and are still doing as a result of working modifications in dealing with COVID. Each video is 3 to 4 mins. Andrew Clark Brent Day Ben Bahrami Karsten Jensen

November 18, 2020|Categories: COVID-19 Resources, Interviews|

CSCA Candid Conversations: Joe McCullum

Contact Preparation Post-COVID In this webinar, Joe McCullum, Head of Strength and Conditioning at the University of British Columbia, describes the movement skills necessary for success in combative sports and explains how they can fit into a strength and conditioning plan. Success in sport can be influenced by the quality of movement skills performed, combined with the rate of force development when performing these skills.  As a strength and conditioning coach it is our responsibility to develop fundamental movement skills that are transferable to sport, and the power necessary to execute these movements effectively.  Lifting, sprinting, agility, and jumping [...]

November 18, 2020|Categories: COVID-19 Resources, Interviews|

Training A Pro During a Pandemic

It goes without saying that it has been a strange past 7 months for anyone with a job.  The uncertainty of when restrictions will be lifted, what government guidelines will be and when businesses will open, has made it a challenge to plan, prepare and pivot to adapt.  For professional athletes, the job of keeping their bodies ready for intense competition, without a known start date has created an interesting dilemma.  For Strength and Conditioning Coaches responsible for helping these athletes prepare for uncertain upcoming seasons, it requires creativity and planning that they may not have experienced before and may never experience [...]

October 29, 2020|Categories: COVID-19 Resources|

The 2020 Roller Coaster in Beach Volleyball

On February 28, 2020 I was flying home from the Canadian Olympic Committee’s final site visit before the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.  The venue, Olympic village and city looked ready to have us back in less than 150 days when...... Tokyo February 2020 There was some discussion of the coronavirus, but the best medical consensus was that this would be similar to the flu – practice good hand hygiene (wash & sanitizer), cough into the crook of your elbow, and we’d be fine.  It still blows my mind to think how much the world changed over the next 2 [...]

October 29, 2020|Categories: COVID-19 Resources|

Part 1 – Return to High Performance Sport: Progress and Suggestions in the Midst of COVID-19

The objectives of this article are to share the processes, challenges, and successes of reopening facilities dedicated to high performance sport in Canada.  In so doing, specifics are shared related to one case study.  Additionally, in being open and transparent, practices outlined here within may be appropriate and applicable, for facility owners and operators, during reopening phases in the public and private sectors. Each Canadian Provincial and Territorial government links, for specific guidance, are included at the end of this article. Note, the comment/blog reply posting feature is activated for this article. We encourage you to post your feedback, replies, [...]

July 15, 2020|Categories: Business, COVID-19 Resources, Industry|

Part 2 – Return to Training Guidelines for Collegiate Athletes Following the COVID-19 Shut Down

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a significant restructuring of the way in which Canadians work and live, with sporting activities worldwide being significantly impacted.  Sport in most academic settings has been cancelled for the fall 2020 semester resulting in a 10 month withdrawal from most competitions, and in some cases, practice settings.  As a result, there exists some uncertainty as to appropriate practices for maintaining athlete preparedness during the shutdown.  It is important at this time to continue to support athletes in their development and to recognize the role that the S&C coach can play managing their wellness and [...]

July 15, 2020|Categories: Business, COVID-19 Resources, Industry|
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