CSCA Forum #3 – Branding and Marketing

Published On: November 2, 2022Categories: Business

The CSCA Forum #3 on branding and marketing video link is posted below. Featured topics covered included: the transition from the institutional to private sector, aligning personal and professional goals, and where exactly do you start with developing your own brand and business. Thanks to Jodi and Alena for sharing their professional insights into the complex but important process of promoting your business.

Featured Quotes and Teasers:

  • Core values are the foundation of your business – Alena 
  • Think about who your person (client) is and where they are spending their time (How to find and recruit clients) – Alena 
  • Staying true to yourself and taking ownership of your strengths is such a powerful step – Alena 
  • Identifying brand: What is your brand about? What makes your business different from others in the industry? Who do you want to work with the most? – Jodi 
  • Biggest error: Using personal preference to establish your brand, you need to be strategic – Jodi 
  • Start by being very targeted with the low hanging fruit.  Start by telling your network about the great work you’re doing. – Jodi
  • It’s really important to write it down so you can consistently show up the way you want to. – Jodi

Presenter:  Jodi Toews



Instagram: @joditoewsdesign

Bio:  Jodi Toews (last name pronounced Taves) is a retired athletic therapist turned brand & web designer who runs a design studio called Jodi Toews Design. After almost a decade of working in the health and exercise industry as a knee injury specialist, strength coach and athletic therapist, she now helps other professionals build strong brands that clearly communicate their value so they can confidently market and grow their businesses. Over the last 5 years, she’s helped 50 + businesses develop their brand, website & marketing materials including the University of Calgary Sport Medicine Centre, The Strength Guys, HIIT Science and Vital Strength & Physiology.

Presenter: Alena Luciani



Instagram: @training2xl

Bio: Alena is a strength & conditioning coach, educator and founder of TRAINING2XL. Alena is certified through the National Strength & Conditioning Association as a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), as well as a Registered Strength & Conditioning Coach (RSCC). Alena also has her Masters in Sport Science and Recreation with a distinction in Coaching and has worked with a wide array of athletes at various collegiate schools, training facilities, and beyond. Alena is passionate about how others excel in the game of life. Whether it’s an athlete training during their off-season, or a fellow strength coach looking to level up their learning, Alena wants to create an impact on their lives.

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