Membership has its benefits. Professional liability insurance is a requirement of employment as a strength and conditioning coach and protects those within their own business from liability. Apollo Insurance is the CSCA insurance provider and carries a variety of levels of coverage for the strength coach, their company, and their capital assets.

Members only insurance


You will have the ability to choose your level of liability coverage ($2 – 5 million), as well as coverage for your business, capital assets, and staff. 

Depending on your level of coverage, you may pay $21 – $37 per month for standard professional liability insurance.  With additional coverage the rates will be higher.

This insurance does not cover any training of professional athletes.  Due to recent litigations, insurance rates for working with professional athletes has increased significantly.  If you require this form of coverage, you can contact Apollo directly for a quote. 

First you must become a member of the CSCA.  Once you receive your membership login information you can proceed to the membership portal.  Once there, click the Insurance icon and click the Register for Insurance icon then follow the instructions on each page.  You will be asked to select your level of coverage and you will provide some information regarding the types of services you offer.  In some cases, certain activities are deemed higher risk (ie. Paddleboard yoga) and may result in higher rates.

Apollo is a convenient and affordable insurer for the CSCA and is comparable to other insurance coverage on the market.  Their customer service sets them apart from other insurers, but in most respects, they are similar to other insurers.  The CSCA does receive a small financial portion of each policy purchased, therefore it does benefit the organization.

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