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Published On: March 20, 2022Categories: Industry

R1 Foundations – The LIVE LAB

Have you been waiting to do Reconditioning in a live environment? 

We get it.

The R1 Foundations LIVE LAB is made for you.

This LIVE weekend Lab is a chance to finally get together with us to practice all of the principles and skills outlined in the online learning content of R1 Foundations Neuro Reconditioning in an in-person, group, case study format.  

This is a LEARNING LABORATORY where you will be exposed to context and application through case studies. You will do and try the skills and principles and understand how these will best integrate into your personal practice environment.

We will not be teaching the systems and practices of the R1 Foundations Neuro Reconditioning content, as it will be made available to you online and will be necessary to digest prior to coming to the weekend lab. This provides you with an opportunity to maximize your time with us together, to dive into using the approach and refine your skillsets.

How the LIVE LAB Rolls!

We spend two days together in person:

Saturday, May 14th: 10:00 – 5:00 pm 

Sunday, May 15th: 9:00 – 3:00 pm

Using Case Studies as a focus, you get to practice and refine how to integrate the systems and principles of Neuro Reconditioning into your rehab and training environments.

We cover the concepts of:

  • Our Primary Assessment
  • Breakdown Process
  • Dynamic Assessment
  • Neuro Proprioceptive Considerations
  • Defining Hardware and Software Issues
  • Setting Your Course of Action
  • Initial Program Design
  • Three Phase Programming

When you register for the LIVE LAB you gain immediate access to the entire R1 Foundations Online Content to get started immediately on prepping for the Live Lab.

You will also become a member of our Reconditioning Revolution Mastermind Community*

  • As a member you’ll be you will have access to:
  • Our Monthly Calendar of Events
  • Links to bi-weekly Case Study Sessions and the recordings
  • Links to monthly special guest sessions and the recordings
  • Links to special topics meetings and the recordings
  • And access to our powerful library of Reconditioning Topic sessions that you can watch at your convenience

The LIVE LAB Date is:

May 14-15, 2022 in Montreal, QC


5920 chemin de la Côte-de-Liesse

Ville Mont-Royal (Québec) H4T 1C9

click HERE for details

R1 Foundations Live Lab Tuition:

Course Content: $1000 CAD


Reconditioning Revolution Mastermind Community

$20 monthly


The R1 Foundations Course content is where you learn how to:

  • Assess not only the biomechanics but key neurologic networks, to determine the true drivers of movement dysfunction.
  • Apply the right intervention, at the time for immediate results in pain relief and performance gains.
  • Know when your client is ready to advance and which exercises are the best to introduce at every stage during the process.
  • Build and deliver effective neuroscience-based programming to ensure your client advances their movement quality and performance most quickly.

Registration in the LIVE LAB  includes:

  • Your seat in the R1 Foundations LIVE LAB
  • Immediate access to the entire R1 Foundations Course on video. (22.5+ hours)
  • Additional weekly Virtual Training lab sessions* inside the community group, online, to guide you through the R1 Foundations Training to promote successful learning, application, and completion of the course module quizzes.
  • Weekly discussion, follow up and questions answered by your personal R1 Foundations Instructors in the mastermind community
  • Full Powerpoint PDFs and worksheets to accompany video content.
  • Quizzes on each module to provide course completion requirements for continuing education.
  • Certificate of course completion
  • Personal account access including your R1 Foundations course unit
  • Over 8 CATA CEUs and 30+ hours of content and contact time for continuing education credits
  • Full access to The Reconditioning Revolution Mastermind Community offerings
  • Exclusive discounts and access to other products and events

When you complete R1 Foundations you will:

  • Understand the crucial role of the neurological system and how it affects pain, progress, and performance in your clients.
  • Feel confident in each of your decisions in your rehab and training process.
  • Empowered to make tactical interventions to speed up performance success
  • Possess knowledge as an advanced professional to establish rapport with clients each session, collaborate with colleagues, and contribute to a greater level of company success.
  • Maximize your work efficiency by assessing the governing system of the body, creating Individual results every session.
  • Always have tools to increase and enhance your clients’ results. (They will never get bored and neither will you) 🙂
  • Be part of The Reconditioning Revolution Mastermind Community where you can continue to expand your knowledge, collect CEUs, connect regularly, contribute, and grow along with other leading Neuro Reconditioning professionals.

Why Neuro Reconditioning?

  • Neuro Reconditioning is one of a few systems in the world that integrates rehab, performance training with applied neurology for the human performance industry
  • This method fosters best practices of communication and collaboration between human performance professionals, and team staff, by using a common language of practice
  • Neuro Reconditioning is accessible to all human performance professionals, many are listed here:
    • Performance Training Coaches, Kinesiologists, Physiologists, Coaches, Strength and Conditioning Specialists,
    • Athletic Therapists, Sports Physiotherapists, Clinical Therapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Massage therapists.
  • The Reconditioning HQ System has been a leader in continuing education, advancing the industry of human performance as well as creating mentorship opportunities for human performance professionals since 2004.
  • Many hundreds of human performance professionals from around the world have already experienced the power of the Neuro Reconditioning System and continue to be connected to The Reconditioning Revolution Mastermind Community.

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