Strength & Conditioning Coach and Physiotherapist Job Opportunities in Central Ontario

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Strength & Conditioning coach to work with active population and in tandem with our therapy team

Active Life Conditioning is are looking for a strength and conditioning coach with a keen interest in young, elite and developing athletes as well as the ability to train the general population. The job description includes implementing age-appropriate youth strength and conditioning programs to both groups and individuals and the ability to assist our Senior youth strength coach with fitness testing and training for teams, clubs and groups. Must be able to work both independently and in a team environment with other strength coaches and therapists. We are also looking to have this person interface with our therapy team for therapy assigned rehabilitation sessions to transition athletes and general population from therapy back to function. Minimum requirements is a BSc in an applicable program and CSCS certification.
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Maternity Leave for Physiotherapist May 1/2022-November 1 /2023

Our therapists and conditioning coaches work together to ensure clients and patients needs are supported and can continue to live an active life. We are looking for a physiotherapist interested in covering a 1.5 year Maternity leave with potential to remain a permanent team member. Collingwood Ontario is a beautiful place to live, work and play with its escarpment ski hills, winding road and mountain bike trails and gorgeous Georgian bay shores.

Skill set required for Physiotherapist:

-Friendly bedside manner
-Good assessment skills- whole body approach, knowledge of various orthopedic injuries, basic knowledge of nutrition
-Manual therapy skills – various soft tissue massage techniques (hands, tools – cupping, IASTM, etc)
-Various mobilization techniques (hands, bands, straps, etc)
-Functional Dry Needling (preferred), Acupuncture certification if no dry needling certification
-Various taping techniques (KinesioTaping/KT taping, leuko taping)
-Knowledge of various exercise principles (surgical rehabilitation, DNS (dynamic neuromuscular stabilization), Strength training, Neuromuscular training, vestibular training, endurance training)
-Being open to co-treatment/communication with Chiropractors and Coaches/Personal Trainers.

Flexible schedule. Current Physio has a 4 full day schedule with high client load

Active Life Conditioning is a 5000 square foot multidisciplinary training centre located in Collingwood Ontario, consisting of conditioning coaches and various therapists.

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