June 2

Ontario Session


Welcome to the 2024 CSCA Ontario Regional Session proudly hosted at Toronto Metropolitan University!
This year represents the first time the CSCA is hosting regional sessions across Canada throughout the year.

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Ontario Session

Sunday, June 2, 2024

Time: Registration starts at 8:30am
Sessions run 9:00am-5:30pm

Additional Details

8:30 – Registration

9:00 – Welcome
9:15 – Exercise Taxonomy: Biomechanics & Exercise Selection with Jordan Shallow

10:30 – Breathing with Marya Morrison

11:30 – Six Critical Agility Patterns with Trevor Cottrell

12:30 – Lunch (provided)
1:30 – Preventing REDs in Sport: Translating Research to Practice with Kevin Iwasa-Madge
2:30 – Integration of Force Plates into Collegiate Setting with Ryan MacDonald

3:30 – Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Lessons from Legends with Chris Chapman

4:45 – The Canadian Strength & Conditioning Practitioner with Sam Eyles-Frayne

5:30 – Closing

Mattamy Athletic Centre at Toronto Metropolitan University
50 Carlton St, Toronto, ON M5B 1J2

Please refer to the Mattamy Athletic Centre’s Website for parking information and recommendations HERE.

Lunch as well as coffee, tea, and light refreshments will be available.

Please make sure to have appropriate indoor footwear for use in a gym/court as well as clothes you can move around in. Sessions may involve coaching and active participation!


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Ontario Speakers

Hosted by Toronto Metropolitan University

Use the Force: Integration of Force Plates to Inform Decision-Making in Performance and Rehabilitation Settings
with Ryan MacDonald

Over the past decade, the use of Force Plate technology has become commonplace within physical preparation and rehabilitation settings. This practitioner-focused presentation by Ryan explores the practical applications of force plates in sports performance. Drawing from experiences in both Olympic and Collegiate settings, Ryan showcases how force plates can optimize weekly readiness monitoring, quarterly testing, and return-to-play decisions. Through real-world examples, he demonstrates how practitioners can utilize force plate data to refine training strategies, track progress, and facilitate safe athlete returns from injury.

Preventing Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (REDs):
Translating Research to Practice
with Kevin Iwasa-Madge

Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (REDs) is an evolving area of research and practice in human health and performance, but what does that actually look like in a high-performance environment? This session will summarize the most current literature, and highlight case studies in the sport of Track Cycling, demonstrating how an effective understanding and application of the science can lead to world-class service delivery. These real-life cases will explore the challenges presented by both ethical and performance related issues that arise when trying to maintain health while optimizing performance.

Exercise Taxonomy: Biomechanics and Exercise Selection
with Jordan Shallow

Exercise execution has ruled the recent conversation around biomechanics. However, practical applications of biomechanics exist equally in the space of exercise programming. In this hour we will discuss a systems way of thinking about exercise programming, load management and biomechanics.

Six Critical Agility Patterns
with Trevor Cottrell

Any open or closed agility drill relies on the execution of one or more of the six critical agility patterns. Coaches often get caught up in the excitement of finding an interesting new sport-specific drill to try, but no drill is actionable unless the athlete has previously mastered the critical agility patterns. In this practical session, participants will have the opportunity to learn the systematic progression involved in teaching any athlete the critical agility patterns. Once mastered, any new agility drill will be easy to coach and will have superior outcomes.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Lessons from Legends in S&C
with Chris Chapman

Building upon his mentorship article for CSCA that gets frequently brought up to him by practitioners, this presentation will celebrate the people that inspired and guided Chris throughout 20+ years of his Strength & Conditioning Career. From high school strength coach to university sport to Olympic dreams. From athletic therapy to physiology to biomechanics. From early-stage strength tech start-up to acquisition by a fitness tech unicorn. From employee to c-suite to business owner. This talk will explore the ideas they inspired, the successes and failures that resulted, the sacrifices made, and the lessons and pitfalls he endured throughout a seemingly unconventional journey as a Strength & Conditioning Coach.

Treating and Training the Athlete’s Respiratory System
with Marya Morrison

Over recent years, the respiratory system has been the center of many discussions, from Public Health and vaccinations, stress and anxiety management, and even altered states of consciousness and trauma healing. The importance of understanding the respiratory system is longer limited to high level endurance athletes. Like most trends, it can be hard to navigate how and when to use breath techniques with your athletes. This talk delves into the vital role of the respiratory system in overall health and athletic performance, highlighting the critical interaction of biomechanical, neurological, and biochemical systems of the individual. Understanding the importance of the individual’s injury history, emotional/mental tendencies and overall requirements for their sport/goal is essential to optimizing respiratory capacity. We will discuss how various breathing techniques can enhance oxygen availability, support the nervous system and assist in recovery. Appreciating the reciprocity of these involved systems will help to focus the utilization of breath as a modality and maximize your athlete’s potential.

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