About CSCA

Our Vision

The CSCA is an organization that elevates our profession. We create and promote standards of practice for S&C coaches that can be utilized throughout their professional careers and guide the hiring practices of employers in the public and private sectors. 

Our Mission

To facilitate collaboration and aid the professional growth of strength & condition coaches in Canada.

Our Statement of Purpose

 The Canadian Strength and Conditioning Association (CSCA) serves as a means for S&C coaches to share, collaborate, and connect with fellow coaches in varied sectors including, but not limited to, public schools, universities and colleges, high performance sport, independent operators, and community centre employed individuals from coast to coast. 

 The primary objective of our association is sharing stories about S&C coaches working in Canada, and Canadian S&C coaches working abroad.  Additionally, our goal is the dissemination of information to aid in the professional growth of S&C coaches in Canada. Strength and conditioning coaches have the needed platform to share strategies and research of best practices in working with beginners to sport, weekend-warriors, amateur athletes and professional athletes.


Sheldon Persad

Darren Steeves
Nova Scotia

Ed McNeely

Andrew Clark
British Columbia

Advisory Team

Sarah Applegarth, Ontario

Carmen Bott, BC

Chris Chapman, Ontario

Dr. Andrew Cochran, Ontario

Dr. Trevor Cottrell, Ontario    

Matt Fisher, BC

Jordan Foley, Ontario    

Karsten Jensen, Ontario

Dr. Ken Kinakin, Ontario

Steve Lidstone, Ontario   

Adrian Lightowler, Ontario

Scott Livingston, Quebec

Ryan MacDonald, Ontario

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