CSCA Advisory Team Spotlight – Tanner Care

Published On: January 28, 2024Categories: Interviews

CSCA Advisory Team Member Tanner Care is the Director of Performance for the Vancouver Bandits (CEBL) and Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for Simon Fraser University (NCAA). Originating from Burlington ONT, Tanner’s journey in sport performance started through his own experince as an athlete in the sports of football, track, and bobsled.  He then received Strength and Conditioning mentorship at a young age from practitioners such as Larry Jusdanis and former CSCA Board Member Marcello Campanaro. Tanner now works in both professional and collegiate athletics that ranges across 13 different sports and has helped produce over 30 All-Americans. 

The CSCA asked Tanner two simple questions. Following Tanner’s answers a podcast link is included.

CSCA: Tanner, How did you get started in S&C?

TC: I was fortunate to have been exposed to high performance at a young age through my own development with practitioners such as Marcello Campanaro, Larry Jusdanis, and Steve Lidstone during his tenure at McMaster. This exposure set the foundation for continued growth/experience in my collegiate football career, where my curiosity for achieving high performance really blossomed. Thankfully I received some incredible mentorship through my CFL combine preparation with Joey Kwasniewski who provided me the opportunity to intern under him at the University of Ottawa, where I eventually received my first full-time position. 


CSCA: Why are you involved with the CSCA? 

TC: I am involved with the CSCA because I believe in its initiative and values. Despite being in a leadership position myself, I believe developing good people and future S&C’s only does so much good within my silo/operation. Which is why assisting an organization like the CSCA continue to foster growth, connect practitioners, and establish standards across Canada is real impact [in my opinion]. 


For additional insight into Tanner and his duties, the podcasts (link below) explores the duality of working as a Sports Performance Coach in both the professional and collegiate landscape as well as the evolution of Tanner’s training philosophies and methods. 

Click HERE to listen to the Podcast



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