CSCA and CSEP Collaboration Announcement

Published On: February 21, 2024Categories: Business, CSCA, Industry

The Canadian Strength and Conditioning Association (CSCA) in partnership with the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) is excited to announce the development and launch of Canada’s first and only strength and conditioning credential, the Certified Strength and Conditioning Professional (CSCP).

The CSCP credential is allocated to an individual who has completed all academic and professional experience requirements and successfully demonstrated coaching and knowledge proficiencies set forth by the CSCA’s newly developed mentorship program.  Through continued collaboration with various national organizations, both employers and athletes will recognize that the CSCP qualifies a strength and conditioning professional to design and administer safe and effective training programs to athletes of all ages and abilities.

University and College accreditation requirements are changing the mechanisms for obtaining historically popular strength and conditioning credentials. This change will bring forth challenges for graduates of Canadian schools to qualify for existing US based certifications.  While both the CSCA and CSEP acknowledge accreditation is important, and support quality of programming with integration of evidence informed content, aligning Canadian schools with American accreditation requirements has not been initiated to date. Aspiring strength and conditioning professionals will now have the opportunity to obtain a Canadian-developed credential to recognize their skills and expertise and help advance the strength and conditioning profession in Canada.

To become a CSCP there are three available pathways:

  1. Current strength and conditioning coaches with three years of full-time coaching experience can apply directly through the Legacy credential program.
  2. Current CSEP professional members can complete the CSEP-High Performance Specialization (HPS) ™ and then enter the CSCA mentorship pathway to becoming CSCP certified.
  3. Current CSCA members can directly challenge the CSEP-HPS™ and then enter the CSCA mentorship pathway to becoming CSCP certified.

The CSEP-HPS™ was launched in 2019 after rigorous development with leading experts in the fields of Strength and Conditioning, Sport Nutrition, Sport Physiology, Exercise Metabolism, Occupational Biomechanics, and Sport Psychology.  A recent review of the CSEP-HPS™ was completed to update content and ensure new evidence was incorporated.  This recent review was undertaken by members from CSEP, the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sports Institute Network, Institut National du Sport du Quebec and the Canadian Strength and Conditioning Association.

The scope of a CSCP falls within the scope of either a CSEP-CPT® or CSEP-CEP™ holding the CSEP-HPS™ and are covered under CSEP’s outstanding members Professional Liability Insurance Policy (PLI) with worldwide coverage for working with elite and professional athletes.

To accommodate coaches that have substantial educational and professional experience, the CSCA is offering a limited time CSCP Legacy credential. The Legacy credential recognizes currently practicing strength and conditioning coaches that meet all of the academic requirements of the CSCP credential and due to considerable professional coaching experience are exempt from the CSEP-HPS™ exam and mentorship requirements.

The primary objective of the CSCA is to support strength and conditioning coaches working in Canada and abroad. Additionally, their goals include the dissemination of information and resources to aid in the professional growth of Canadian coaches. Strength and conditioning coaches have the needed platform to share strategies and research of best practices in working with beginners to sport, youth athletes, weekend-warriors, amateur athletes and professional athletes.

This collaboration between CSEP and the CSCA will provide a clear path for professionals interested in pursuing high performance training in a variety of sectors. In addition, the CSCP accreditation program provides ongoing professional development and a streamlined credential that will become the gold standard for employers hiring strength and conditioning coaches across Canada.

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