Meet Your BOD Nominees

Published On: November 6, 2022Categories: CSCA

We had eight nominees come forward to fill the seven BOD positions available. Elections will take place at the 2022 AGM on Sunday, November 20, at 6:30pm EST. Please see the nomination statements below:

Joe McCullum
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach – UBC

It is my goal to help promote the CSCA on the West Coast and help build membership within the community here. I hope to give back to the industry and encourage others to stay in the profession and build meaningful careers.

Cole Hergott
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach – Trinity Western

I want to help grow the S&C industry in Canada. I feel as though I have lots to offer, being from the West, being young in my profession, and having a driving hunger to help see this organization reach Canadian S&C coaches all over. I already have a large network and would love to grow it even further. I have served on the DigiCom committee for the last 2 years and while I have enjoyed my time on it, I feel as though I can offer more to the CSCA. I don’t necessarily have any great ideas, but what I lack in creativity I make up for in hard work and carrying out the vision and mission of the Board and Executives. I am eager to learn more, to grow myself, as well as the industry as a whole.

Shawn Preston
Manager, Sports Performance – Acadia University

I am interested in becoming a member of the CSCA Board of Directors to help advance the profession of S&C within Canada. From professional standards and recognition to hiring basis standards for qualified individuals. My personal interest comes with gaining experience in taking part of a National Organizations board.

Shauna Forsyth
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach – Highlander Prep
Executive Board of Directors (Vice-President) – CSCA

I would like to remain on the board for a 2nd term to continue the progress we have made thus far within the CSCA. As Chair of the Standards Committee and current Vice President, I am proud of what the CSCA has accomplished towards our strategic plan. Within the last year, we have launched our General Membership and are in the process of establishing our partnership with CSEP for a coaching accreditation that will serve to ensure the strength and conditioning profession in Canada remains held to the highest standards. I am currently working on our initial policies and procedures for the 1st step of this accreditation process and would like to continue my work in doing so.

Trevor Cottrell
Director, Sports Performance – LIFT Fitness and Performance
Professor, Faculty of Applied Health and Community Studies – Sheridan College
Executive Board of Director (President) – CSCA

As a founding member of the CSCA, and now completing my second year as a CSCA BOD member, Secretary and current President, I am hoping to complete a second term on the Board. In this past year we have launched our membership drive which has been successful in creating a base membership level that allows us to move into the next stage of our development to include professional accreditation. As part of this, we are in the planning stages of website redevelopment to support the accreditation initiatives. I hope to remain on the Board to see these projects through to completion. In addition, I hope to help with the development of key learning modules to assist new members looking to grow in their field and improve outreach to stakeholders such as physical educators. The key to our industry’s success is the development of professional networks, and quality control so that practitioners in our industry can provide higher product quality and create value for our consumers. It is the role of the CSCA to guide this process and be an advocate for coaches across Canada.

Sam Eyles-Frayne

Coordinator, High-Performance Strength and Conditioning – Wilfrid Laurier University
Executive Board of Director (Secretary/Treasurer) – CSCA

I have served as an Advisory Team Member since the CSCA was founded. During my tenure on the Board of Directors I served as the Education Committee Chair and now hold the Executive role as Treasurer and Secretary. I genuinely believe in the need for an organization to provide leadership in elevating the strength and conditioning profession in Canada. The CSCA needs individuals in leadership positions that will see things through to a high level of standards. What the association and its members should expect from me is the use of my critical thinking and honesty when decisions are on the table about building a truly nation-wide network. My diverse background leads to me being an asset to the Board, as I have served as not only an S&C coach within the COPSI network, but also with several Collegiate programs, including holding a Head and Coordinator role in Ontario. My experience with developing multiple internship programs and teaching in several post-secondary Kinesiology and Fitness related programs, allows me to bring a strong voice in the concern for proper pathways for this profession. My service on several committees and boards, including the College of Kinesiology, provides me with appropriate knowledge and understanding of the higher-level processes and procedures needed to help

the CSCA progress toward a national leader in S&C. Lastly, the development of the Canadian S&C Shop Talk platform is a recent example of how aware I am of the gap in information sharing and community within our profession in Canada, and the want to change that. Appreciate all and any consideration to represent the CSCA members on the Board for another term.

Amarah Epp-Stobbe

Performance Analyst and Manage of Data Solutions – Canadian Sport Institute Pacific

I believe that strong S&C coaches are 80% about the art of coaching and 20% about the applied science and research. I would say I am more 80% about the applied science and research and 20% about the art of coaching and so I feel this gives me a unique perspective and useful set of skills to serve the CSCA as a member of the Board of Directors. I am a proud member of the CSCA, having got my start as an S&C working with recreational and parasport populations before moving into high performance sport at the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific. While I still hold my CSCS (NSCA) and CSCA memberships, I now work as the Manager of Data Solutions at CSI Pacific. I value applied research and knowledge translation that results in actionable outcomes for practitioners, athletes, and coaches. I have noticed that many member’s posts relate to questions about tests or tools. As a member of the Board of Directors,

I would like to support the continued education and resources on the CSCA website through the designated development of a specific “resource library” that brings together research papers, expert opinions, and applied strategies to develop Canadian best practices around common test protocols and tools. I value evidence-based best practices and I believe these are essential to ensuring high quality delivery of S&C programs nationally. I am confident that my experiences in the S&C world combined

with my data science skillset enables me to support the continued growth and development of the CSCA.

Jordan Foley

Strength and Conditioning Specialist – CANSOFCOM

Chair, Education Committee – CSCA

I have been in the field for close to 20 years and have been fortunate enough to be able to string together many meaningful experiences at all levels of sport and human performance, ranging from school age to professional and Olympic sport, and elite military populations. I was afforded these opportunities largely due to those that came before me and offered their mentorship and guidance. I see no better way to contribute but to pay it forward and do this for others.

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