CSCA Speaker Spotlight – Vince Lucente

Published On: April 25, 2024Categories: CSCA

The CSCA was proud to have Vince Lucente from Atlantic Sports Performance as a speaker at our most recent even in Novia Scotia on April 6 2024. Vince, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Mental Performance Coach, has led varsity sports performance programs for over 5 years, along with a successful private sector career in the profession. Vince believes in creating solutions-driven, collaborative systems with physical, mental, and nutritional emphasis to optimize sports and life performance. Director of Strength and Conditioning: Seneca College; lead high-performance coach – Acadia University; head Strength and conditioning coach Oshawa Generals (OHL); tactical strength and conditioning coordinator – FireFit Canada; owner of The Durable Grappler, BJJ Strength and Conditioning. Vince is also a private sector coach for NHL, Major Junior, CFL, NCAA, and NLL athletes, and specializes in applied sport science. Vince has been a thought leader in this specific sector within the industry, contributing as an author for prominent Sport Science and Tech-Driven Strength and Conditioning companies.

Vince presented on the topic of “The S.E.E model of High Performance Athlete Management: Learn the Scalable, Efficient and Effective delivery of an applied sport science initiative to your athletes”. In this session the goal was to learn practical strategies and tactics to deliver an efficient and effective sports science experience in your Strength and Conditioning environment through Vince’s model at ASP. This session provided pragmatic solutions to incorporate sport technology specific to velocity-based training and comprehensive force plate analysis to the day-to-day operations of your facility.

At the conclusion of the event, Vince was asked to provide his responses to the following questions:

CSCA – What motivated you to get involved with the CSCA?

VL – I was inspired to become involved with the CSCA immediately from its inception in the mission to raise the standard and level of the field of Strength and Conditioning across Canada. To have a homegrown community and network of professionals in our field across various disciplines within the field, a strong emphasis of continuing education for current and aspiring professionals, as well as the inauguration of the CSCP Certification – we have an incredible opportunity to improve the well being, livelihood and growth of the Field with quality employment in this country to unprecedented levels.

CSCA – What do you think will be the trends to consider in our industry for the next 5 years?

VL – I firmly believe that in the next 5 years there will be a drastic influence in the role of S&C professionals being more ‘hands on’ in the application of sport science pragmatically at a high level, scaled across sectors.

I believe that there will be a shift in the role toward sport performance as a whole in service, with S&C professionals being a more direct line within an Integrated Support Team both within and very much outside the weight room in the influence of practice design, motor learning and more informed, streamlined data translation to positively affect performance outcomes.

I see there being a shift in the health care sector as well, especially with the low barrier to entry of objective analysis via affordable, gold standard technology. S&C will expand more thoroughly and with greater value, potentially making a footprint to offer insurance for patients rehabilitating from MSK claims.

The CSCA thanks Vince for his generous support in presenting at the conference and working to advance the profession forward!

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