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Application de l’héritage du Professionnel Canadien de la force et du Conditionnement (CSCP)

VUE D'ENSEMBLE Le titre de Professionnel Canadien de la force et du conditionnement (CSCP) est attribué à une personne qui a satisfait à toutes les exigences en matière d'études et d'expérience professionnelle définies par l'Association Canadienne de la force et du conditionnement. Le CSCP encourage tous les préparateurs physiques qui exercent actuellement au Canada à envisager de compléter leur titre de compétence du PCFC via Legacy. Il s'agit d'un moyen abordable et facile de s'établir dans le milieux comme ayant un ensemble de compétences supérieur aux exigences de certification existantes en matière de préparation physique. Le fait d’être certifié CSCP [...]

April 25, 2024|Categories: CSCA|

Canadian Strength and Conditioning Professional (CSCP) Legacy Application

OVERVIEW The Canadian Strength and Conditioning Professional (CSCP) credential is allocated to an individual who has completed all academic and professional experience requirements set forth by the Canadian Strength and Conditioning Association. The CSCA is encouraging all currently practicing strength and conditioning coaches in Canada to consider completing their CSCP credential through the Legacy pathway. This is an affordable and easy way to establish yourself in the industry as having a skill set that is superior to existing strength and conditioning certification requirements. Being CSCP Legacy credentialled provides you with the ability to be a CSCP New Professional mentor and [...]

April 25, 2024|Categories: CSCA|

CSCA Novia Scotia Conference Recap 2024

Written by Shauna Forsyth - CSCA Vice President and Regional Conference Coordinator. Dalhousie University was again the gracious host for our 2024 CSCA Atlantic regional conference. This one day event was well attended by S&C professionals working both in the U-Sport and private performance sector, along with numerous Kinesiology students eager to learn more about the intricacies of high performance training and achieving success as a strength and conditioning coach. Registration took place in Dalhousie’s High Performance room and was a great opportunity for the attendees to reconnect with former classmates and colleagues. VALD, our regional sponsor for the second [...]

April 25, 2024|Categories: CSCA|

CSCA Speaker Spotlight – Vince Lucente

The CSCA was proud to have Vince Lucente from Atlantic Sports Performance as a speaker at our most recent even in Novia Scotia on April 6 2024. Vince, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Mental Performance Coach, has led varsity sports performance programs for over 5 years, along with a successful private sector career in the profession. Vince believes in creating solutions-driven, collaborative systems with physical, mental, and nutritional emphasis to optimize sports and life performance. Director of Strength and Conditioning: Seneca College; lead high-performance coach - Acadia University; head Strength and conditioning coach Oshawa Generals (OHL); tactical [...]

April 25, 2024|Categories: CSCA|

CSCA Speaker Spotlight- Frank McKinnon

The CSCA was proud to have Frank McKinnon from VALD Canada as a speaker at our most recent conference in Novia Scotia on April 6 2024. Frank is the commercial director for VALD Canada bringing extensive experience in health and sports technology to his role. Frank has over 25 years’ experience developing and implementing systems and processes leveraging innovative technology to enhance performance and outcomes. Frank presented on the topic of 'Best Practice for Athlete Testing Events – A PM Perspective'. In his presentation he spoke on the trend of democratizing athlete testing combines signifies a transition from exclusivity [...]

April 25, 2024|Categories: CSCA|
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